Ringworm on Arm

Ringworm on Arm
Ringworm is caused by a fungus and it is not what you think of a common kind or worm. It is actually an infection on the skin and is medically called Dermatophytosis. It is contagious and can be transmitted from the human carrier down to another person or from animals to humans. It can be treated with topical creams found over the counter or as prescribed by your doctor. Herbal medications are also available to treat ringworm on are if you are hesitant in taking medication.
If there seems to be rash you suspect to be ringworm, then you should be aware if it really is ringworm or not. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you can refer to if in any case you are suspecting a ringworm disease on some part of your skin:
·         A flat, circular rash which is healthy looking in the middle but is inflamed and reddish all around.
·         It is patchy and scaly in appearance.
·         You feel very itchy on the affected part of the disease.
·         It can appear on one part or several patches over lapping on different areas of your skin.
If the above-mentioned signs are exactly what you see on your skin, then there’s no doubt that it’s ringworm that’s been causing all the itchiness on your arm.
You should consult a doctor immediately if you happen to see and feel:
·         Fever
·         Drainage
·         Excessive redness
·         Swelling
These symptoms can signal that there is indeed something wrong with how the fungus from ringworm on arm has affected your body by responses you are showing.

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