What is Kerion Celsi

Kerion Celsi
Kerion Celsi is actually an infection caused by parasitic animal fungi affecting the back of the neck, the scalp or beard making the hair fall off. It is the lesion on which the scalp is infected by this fungus. However, this can be treated but the hair loss left on affected area can stay permanent. Kerion Celsi is often characterized as a crusty, reddish and patchy on the scalp. It can be likened to ringworm only that if it deteriorates, it can create abscess leaving a bigger damage on the affected part.
How would you know if what has occurred on your scalp is actually Kerion Celsi? Here are some of the symptoms of Kerion Celsi that you might want to watch out to determine if what you are supressing is actually Kerion Celsi:

Sign and Symptoms of Kerion Celsi

         Inflamed scalp lesions
         Inflamed neck lessions
         Inflamed beard lessions
        Permanent hair loss

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