Tinea Capitis Alopecia Areata

         There are studies today of alopecia areata and Tinea Capitis comparison. it shows that tinea capitis are more commont in children.
check out the information below.

Tinea capitis:
more common in children
may also effect siblings at the same time
alopecia may be associated with itchiness
scalp shows scaling, and areas of irregular hair loss, with broken hairs
may be a kerion

Alopecia areata:
affects any age and both sexes
may have a family history of auto-immune disease or alopecia areata
exclamation mark hairs (located at the edge of the patch of alopecia) are pathognomonic
localised, round bald patches generally develop suddenly over one or two weeks, without any preceding symptoms
finger nails may be pitted and ridged

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