Tinea Capitis on Children

Tinea Capitis on Children:

Tinea capitis occurs primarily in children and occasionally in other age groups. It is seen most commonly in children younger than 10 years. Peak age range is in patients aged 3-7 years. It most often affects children and goes away at puberty. However, it can occur at any age. Tinea infections are contagious. You can catch tinea capitis if you come into direct contact with an area of ringworm on someone else's body.
Children are usually the suspects of Tinea Capitis. This condition affects many children and eventually vanishes as they grow older and heads towards puberty. However, it is also possible for Tinea Capitis to occur to patients of different age groups.
Clinical manifestations of Tinea Capitis are known as being inflammatory or non inflammatory and usually associated with patchy alopecia. Alopecia means loss of hair either from the head or hair from the body. Alopecia also includes baldness.
Some people are more at risk with Tinea Capitis than others. This condition affects people who sweat a lot and most importantly, it affects people who have poor hygiene

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