Tinea Capitis Treatment in Children

                Tinea Capitis or Ringworm.
Tinea capitis are very common with children’s sometime it also appears with adult. It can occur at any age. It looks like a diffuse hair loss with scaling of the scalp area. Commonly seen as a ring patch of hair loss.

What are the causes of Tinea Capitis and Scalp Ringworm.
there are so many people claim that because of the warm temperature the ringworm triggers well it can be but the main causes of ringworms are fungus. Most people who had or have fungus are the one who is low resistance to the fungus specially the Children.

Don’t be alarm if you have ringworm in the scalp or Tinea capitis it is not related to cancer and cannot be involve your internal organs. You can treat this by using antifungal ointment.

Antifungal can be use as to lowers down the amount of fungus on the scalp.

You can also treat Tinea capitis by using a ointment with Griseofulvin, terbinafine, and itraconazole.
Used it for 4 to 8 weeks to kill the fungus in the scalp.

Make sure that the area is clean. A doctors prescribe medicated shampoo with ketoconazole or selenium sulfide may slow or stop the spread of infection through the air. However, the shampoo alone cannot get rid of the ringworm.

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