Dog Ringworm Treatment

              What is Ringworm?
Contrary to its name, ringworm does not belong to any family of worms. It is actually a fungus called Dermatophytes. The fungi live in the surface of the skin and feed on dead skin tissue and hair. 

There are a lot of available over the counter medicine for your pet dog to cure its ringworm and there are also ringworm in dog home remedies. After getting a prescribed topical cream from your vet, buy it out and be sure to disinfect your dog before applying it to its body. 

Buy a 0.5 chlorhexidine shampoo or a 2% miconazole shampoo. These are anti-fungal shampoos that should be used every other day to bathe your dog until the lesions are completely healed and hair starts to grow back. Bathe your dog 3 times with the solution. If you have other pets which are not infected, you can also bathe them using the solution but for only one time instead of three. Lather the solution and leave it up for 5 minutes before you rinse your pet. You are doing this to remove the ringworm spores from your pet’s hair so they won’t fall to the ground letting and infect your dog once more.
You can also try buying lime sulfur dip. You can mix according to instructions and add 4 oz. of the dip to a gallon of water. Shake it well and pour it to the animal while spreading it over the infected area. You have to make sure to keep it out from its eyes and also wear gloves while doing this. Do not rinse or shampoo after you are done treating your dog. Don’t blow dry and don’t let your pet ingest the solution lathered over its body.
These are some of the home remedies for dogs with ringworms that you will be able to use to get those ringworm out of you beloved pet. Thorough cleaning will make you sure that these fungi won’t manifest your pet once more. Also, you have to wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the ringworm infested in your pet.
After performing the home remedies for dogs with ringworm, you have to take a bath and clean up thoroughly. You also have to keep your surroundings clean as these fungi can infect both human and animals. Proper hygiene will keep you resistant from getting ringworm.
However, there are cases when the infection on the animal is quite severe. Home remedies for ringworm in dogs might not be able aid your problem therefore bringing your pet to a vet is more likely to be done.

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