Permethrin Effective Treatment for Scabies


What is permethrin?
Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that has a vast spec of insecticidal activity. This synthetic chemical is taken up by insects through their mouth, surface coverings or airways passages. This works by clinging on to a particular site or nerve endings which leads to a series of reactions to major organs, paralysis or the nervous system and eventually killing the insect. This preparation is used to treat skin infections caused by mites.
·        How to treat scabies using permethrin?  

·         Go to the nearest doctor and ask for medication that can treat scabies using permethrin.
·         After going home, take off worn clothes and immediately take a bath using germicidal soaps.
·         Apply the permethrin all over your body after drying up. Apply the medicine all over your body from the neck down.
·         Do not re-use worn clothes. Clothes should be washed thoroughly after worn to prevent mites and other insects to penetrate and cause irritation over your body.
·         Usually, a person with scabs sleeps putting night clothes on and takes a bath the following day to wash the cream off.
·         Remember to disinfect the clothes you wear by washing them in hot water. 

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