How to Treat Kerion

Diagnosis on Kerion Celsi
 Kerion Celsi is often times diagnosed by a medical doctor specializing in the field of dermatology since an average medical practitioner will not be able to diagnose with confidence a case of Kerion Celsi since it is often times to be mistaken as another infection caused by a bacteria similar to that of the symptoms of Kerion Celsi. Occasionally, a kerion can look like a scarring alopecia and because of this similarities, incorrect diagnosis can be given to a patient who was not thoroughly examined.
If diagnosed properly, Kerion Celsi can be treated effectively. The sooner it can be treated, the lesser damage it can cause you. However, lack of proper diagnosis can delay proper treatment needed for the intervention of this fungal infection.
If you are wondering how to treat Kerion Celsi effectively, then here are some medications to consider in stopping the severity of the infection before it can damage more parts of your scalp or skin:

 How to treat Kerion Celsi

1.Anti-bacterial treatments are given to people supressing this infectious fungal disease. Griseofulvin is the most commonly given treatment Kerion Celsi. 

2. Itraconazole have been newly discovered to treat Kerion Celsi effectively which an infected person can use for treatment.

3. Terbanafine have also been proven to successfully treat Kerion Celsi disease.

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