What is Tinea Faciei

Tinea Faciei
Tinea Faciei is a fungal infection on a person’s face. Among females, the infection can spread in the surface of the skin including the upper lip and chin. For men, this can be visible along the bearded areas. It can appear to be generally reddish like rash on a person’s face followed by patches of small, raised bumps. It is contagious especially when you come in close contact with a person having this infection which can spread all over the other regions of the skin. While undergoing treatment of Tinea Faciei, the skin may peel off.  If ever you are in doubt of the symptoms that you find the area affected of your body, you should visit a doctor to know if what you are supressing is actually Tinea Faciei and not just some random rash.

Symptoms of Tinea Faciei
Here are the symptoms most commonly present to those suppressing the fungal infection of Tinea Faciei:
·         Red rash-like pustules all over the face
·         The infected area can be very itchy
·         Uncomfortable feeling of burning sensation
·         The infected area are the different regions of a person’s face

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