Kerion Treatment

            How to treat Kerion Celsi effectively, then here are some medications to consider in stopping the severity of the infection before it can damage more parts of your scalp or skin:
·         Anti-bacterial treatments are given to people supressing this infectious fungal disease. Griseofulvin is the most commonly given treatment Kerion Celsi.
·         Itraconazole have been newly discovered to treat Kerion Celsi effectively which an infected person can use for treatment.
·         Terbanafine have also been proven to successfully treat Kerion Celsi disease.
·         Oral corticosteroids have also been given along with anti-fungal agent to work alongside while doing the treatment of the infection Kerion Celsi. However, topical corticosteroids cannot be used in treating Kerion Celsi since it causes complications on the local fungal infected area.
·         Glucocorticoids are also recommended together with oral anti-fungal in the treatment of Kerion Celsi.
·         Oral griseofulvin and oral prednisolone taken alongside have been proven more infected in treating the infection than by taking griseofulvin alone.
Seeking professional help from medical practitioner is not enough since you ought to visit a specialist on dermatology to be able to give diagnosis and recommend proper treatment for your Kerion Celsi infection. Together with proper hygiene, you will be ensured of getting well although there will be traces of permanent marks of hair loss left on the affected part of the fungal infection. But still, your main objective is to be cured of this infection.


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